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China Daily:New Guilin University of Information Technology campus to open in 2025
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  3. 审稿:王旭东
  4. 发布日期:2022-09-23
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China Daily:http://en.gxzf.gov.cn/2022-09/23/c_815141.htm

A new Guilin University of Information Technology campus in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, broke ground on Sept 21.

The 1,762-mu (117-hectare) campus, which will mainly be used for university and higher vocational education, will be built with an investment of 6 billion yuan ($846 million) in three phases. Upon completion in 2025, the new campus is expected to upgrade Guilin's educational infrastructure and provide more talent and intelligent support to transform Guilin into one of the top tourist cities in the world.

Guilin New Area has planned a batch of education parks and plans to build the Guilin information technology education industrial park based on the infrastructure of Guilin University of Information Technology. Of note, the park's Phase I project has been listed as a major autonomous region project.